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Always looking for technical solutions to integrate LEDs in your designs, we provide our professional skills to guarantee the efficiency and relevance of your projects.
Renowned expert in the development of LED circuits, we propose and design custom solutions perfectly matching your requirements and validate the technical, mechanical and thermal feasibility, while guaranteeing the long-term efficiency of your product. Discover some examples of our LED module circuits. Contact us, we will help you give shape to your ideas.

Customised solutions,
adapted to every one of your objectives and priorities.

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Because each project is unique, together we design the most adapted LED module circuit to your requirements.
A few examples of the LED circuits we have produced are provided below.

RefDesignationLED qtyCCT (K)Flux (lm)Power (W)VoltageDimensions mmIRCWarranty
BARL0030Dimmable 3-LED circuit32 9004004,412VDC25 x 25>805 years
BARL00561-LED strip14 000330,2712VDC12 x 5,5>805 years
BARL00611-LED strip12 700115124VDC25,5 x 30>805 years
SPOT00103-LED spotlights32 7005205,512VDCdiam 40 mm>805 years
SPOT00113-LED spotlights34 0005505,512VDCdiam 40 mm >805 years
SPOT00122-LED warm white/neutral white dimmable spotlights22 700 - 4 0002202W350 mA maxdiam 15 mm>805 years