From custom developments
to the ready-to-fit LED kit,
we guarantee high-performance LED products by CisLED.

Designing LED products can be a real headache. There are as many kinds of LEDs as there are applications, and LED technology changes rapidly. Constantly on the lookout thanks to our manufacturer partners, we will find the best LED for your project.

By defining your requirements together, we can advise you concerning the various control or integration methods to produce parts at the best price.

Custom-made LED strip

The LED strip is a highly versatile product offering numerous advantages. Easy to install, it blends perfectly in all environments.

The advantage of a bespoke solution? To meet your requirements as closely as possible in terms of luminosity, colour temperature, division, number of LEDs per metre or the addition of your logo, to name a few.

Custom-made LED circuits

Whether flexible or rigid, we develop with you the circuit corresponding to the various technical aspects of your specifications.

A step required to ensure it integrates perfectly in your product.

Photometric reports

Obtain the exact values of your light sources and products, your IES files as well as all the elements relating to the EPREL declaration (mandatory European standard since September 2021).

Our patent FLEXALED®

Patented since 2015, this flexible product knows how to marry all shapes.

Its great modularity allows you to adapt it to all your designs and erase your constraints.

Ready-to-fit LED kit

Choose CisLED to prepare your custom KITS. We take care of the cutting, gluing, soldering, etc.

We guarantee the quality and conformity of all our products. They are all tested before shipment.

Control systems

Our dimming systems give the finishing touch to your projects. In our in-house design office, we create dimmer boards with the programmes or scenarios designed by you.

From dry contact to wireless or battery-free technology, as well as DMX or Dali systems, we can propose the most suitable solution.

LED accessories

Essential complements to install and operate your LED products, we propose a choice of power supplies, aluminium profiles, cables and connectors to complete your projects from start to finish.

Facilitating your projects
and the installation of your LED solutions.

Thanks to CisLED’s experience and continuous technological watch, you benefit from the latest innovations in LED products.

Our objective is to combine the thermal requirements guaranteeing the product lifetime with your space constraints and respect of your specifications.


Auditing your requirements

Listen, analyse and advise, three essential qualities to guide you towards the most appropriate solutions.


Support with the LED project implementation

A technical interface between the various players to ensure smooth execution of your project.


Teams Training & education

Our teams are trained to guide you and provide the knowledge required to understand light.


Prototypes & 3D printing

Critical steps to validate your specifications before launching series production.